What to Expect ‚Äč

424 County Road 1400 North, Bethany IL 61914 us


  • When you arrive parking is at the top of the driveway
  • We'll greet you with plastic bag lined buckets-sanitized prior to each visitor.
  • feel free to roam the field, taste, and fill your bucket.
  • We have mowed rows, feel free to bring strollers or wagons for your littles, but no pets please (for sanitation reasons)
  • We have a water station to help keep you hydrated and a porta-potty just in case.
  • Remember to wear sunscreen and bug spray!
  • We have tables and chairs and a bit of shade if you'd like to stay for a picnic....please remember to pick up your trash!!
  • When you're all done, we can weigh your haul and send you home!!
  • We sure hope you'll visit us soon and often.

Our Menu

 Pay by the Pound

  • Blueberries-U-Pick $4.00/Pre-Picked $5.00 (June-August)
  • ‚ÄčAsparagus-harvested $3.00 (May-June) call for availability

Made just for you

  • Prairie Hill Blueberry Pie $10

We accept cash or credit